Past Events

Every year, we honor dedicated supporters of the Jubilee Center at our Beloved Community Celebration. Honorees at past events are listed below.


Greg Dell’Aquila
President of Mission 50 Workspaces

Helen Manogue
President of the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy

Joe Mindak
Publisher Emeritus of hMag, the online magazine.


The following restaurateurs and their restaurants, who are responsible for the consistently delicious, nutritious hot meals donated weekly to our children at the Jubilee Center:

Dave and Wanda Jacey—Black Bear Bar & Grill
German Alvarado & Todd Mark Miller—Zylo Tuscan Steakhouse
Mark and Sheila Nisler—Zack’s Oak Bar & Restaurant
Dave and Kris Carney—The Madison Bar & Grill
Mario Steriti and Amy Maurici—10th & Willow Bar & Grill
Cindy Samaris, Mike Fasciano and Margherita Fasciano—Margherita’s Pizzeria & Cafe


Larry Henriques
President of ProRATA Consulting and Chairman of Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund

Reverend Laurie Jean Wurm
Rector of Grace Church Van Vorst in Jersey City

Karen Ferguson and Melvona Hicks
Leaders of the Homework Club tutoring program that preceded the Jubilee Center


John H. Wessling, III
Haven Savings Bank


Natalie Morales
News Anchor, TODAY, and co-host, Third Hour

Deborah Wiley
John Wiley & Sons Publishing


Senator Robert Menendez


James Shipman
Associate Director, Hoboken Shelter for the Homeless


NJ State Senator Bernard Kenny

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