25 to Help Us Survive

Jubilee students and counselors at the Museum of Natural History

Jubilee students and counselors at the Museum of Natural History

Can you spare $25? Do you value the educational and nutritional programs The Jubilee Center of Hoboken provides to the children in Hoboken’s public housing?

Every day, 100 children walk through the doors of the Jubilee Center to receive academic support, participate in enrichment activities, and eat a nutritious hot meal. But running this kind of operation requires your support.

At The Jubilee Center, we provide a school-based environment where extended academic learning and individual tutoring help children build a strong foundation for their futures. With her team of skilled volunteers, our Education Coordinator has implemented a structured curriculum aimed at meeting our children on their respective achievement levels, working with them in small groups to maximize the impact of the instruction they receive.

As a result, our students achieve improved test scores in math, reading, and other subjects; have fewer behavioral problems; and have better attendance records. In addition, our program offers our children a safe place to learn and socialize, during the peak hours when juveniles are typically victims of crime, or engage in criminal activity themselves.
Will you help us keep these valuable programs going? If so, please go here and make your contribution today, or mail it to The Jubilee Center, 601 Jackson Street, Hoboken, NJ  07030.

If you haven’t already made a contribution, could you make one today? Thank you!