Our Mission

All Saints Parish created the All Saints Community Service and Development Corporation in 1995 to help meet the social and economic needs of children and families. Our mission is to equip children and families with the tools not only to survive, but also to overcome the many barriers they face. We believe that all people deserve a fair chance at creating a fulfilling life based on self-esteem, self-reliance, personal accountability and respect for others.

thankyouIf you are one of our 2013 donors, your name will be on the lists below — a small way to share our gratitude for the people and organizations that keep us going strong. Click on this link to read the complete list, or click here to reserve a place on next year’s list.


Department Of Treasury State Of New Jersey

Division of Housing and Community Development – County of Hudson

Hoboken Community Development Block Grant

Hoboken Housing Authority

New Jersey Department Of Health

New Jersey Office Of Faith Based Initiatives

Office Of Cultural & Heritage Affairs – County of Hudson

Private, Corporate & Civic Organizations

Diocese of Newark GERTRUDE BUTTS

Hoboken Municipal Alliance

Party with Purpose

Diocese of Newark ACTS/VIM C.R.E.F.

St. Elizabeth’s Church

St. Elizabeth’s Church

Mason Civic League Inc.

Diocese Of Newark


United Way of Hudson County

Saints Peter and Paul Church

Communities Of Faith For Housing Inc.

St. Dunstan”s Episcopal Church

Girl Scout Troop #1597 – In The Heart Of PA

Tom DeGise Civic Association

All Saints Day School

All Saints Glen Rock

Rotary Club Of Metro New York

The Presbyterian Church In Westfield New Jersey

Cantigas Women’s Choir, Inc.

Go Ye Therefore Ministries

BGC Capital

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Santander Bank

The Pegasus Group, LLC

HSBC Matching Gift Program

URSA Development Group

The Rockefeller Group

Hudson City Savings Bank

Fleet Feet Sports

Inserra Supermarkets Inc.

Hoboken Strategy Group

Peper Apparel & Parlor Shoes

PF Rosenberg, LLC

Outside New York, LLC

Resource Development Network LLC

Amanda’s, Inc.

Laurence A. Pagnoni & Associates Inc.

Google Matching Gifts Program

Stevens Institute of Technology

Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program

Atlantic Environmental Solutions

Haven Savings Bank

BCB Community Bank

Buckalew, Frizzell & Crevina LLP

Fred Alger Management, Inc.

Precision Surgical Center


Clearpoint Learning Systems, Inc.

Atlantic Tomorrows Office

Magone and Company PC

Union Dry Dock & Repair Co.

IFM Group Inc

Cup Or Cone LLC

Cugini Kitchen Corp

NIS Financial LLC

Brookfield Investment

EFB Associates LLC

Supreme Security Systems, Inc.

R. John Muller Insurance

J Rockets Development Newport LLC.

EB and Associates

The Little Grocery

Truist Comprehensive Distribution

Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation

Frances & Edwin Cummings MEM FD TUW

PSEG Foundation

BNP Paribas

Wells Fargo Foundation

CME Group Community Foundation

Bank of America – Foundation

TD Charitable Foundation

Robert & Joan Dircks Foundation

BJ’s Charitable Foundation

Select Equity Group Foundation

Provident Bank Foundation

Macquarie Group Foundation and Global Impact


B&N Trugman Charitable Trust

Best Foundation

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Kirkland & Ellis Foundation

Pew Charitable Trust


Abigail Pungot

Alexis Vassilakas

Alice Galmann

Alison Slone and Adam Miller

Allen Kratz and Paul Somerville

Amanda Fowler

Amol and Rebecca Prasad

Anne Doyle

Anthony Faulise and Piroska Von Gordon

Anthony Romano

Baleria Franqui and Sonia Padilla

Barbara Gross

Barbara Kalman

Barbara Phaire

Barry Grossman and Audrey Merwin Grossman

Bette Birnbaum

Bo Dizman and Adrienne Choma

Bree Conover and David Brewer

Bud Proctor and Lisa Vickery

Carman and Ana Sanchez

Carmelo Garcia

Carol Swift

Caroline Carlson

Carolyn Yuhas

Cindy Cray

Colleen Castle

Craig Tozzo

Dale Kindregan

David and Erin Curtiss

David Rees

David Sudhaus

Denise Ott

Dimitrije and Deborah Medenica

Dominic Obaditch and Christina Starbuck

Donald Shachat

Douglas and Erica Gavin

Dr. Joel Trugman and Razel Solow

Edelberto Bilbao

Edward and Patricia DeFranco

Edward Dougherty and Susan Leigh

Elizabeth and Richard Mason

Elizabeth Kohl

Elizabeth Pedersen

Eric Fish and Lisa Russo

Eric Gladbach and Christine Harman

Eric Schmalzbauer and Emily Rudin

Erik Aarts and Liz Urtecho

Erik Soldwedel

Felice Levine

Frank and Hilary Lantz

George McQuilkin

Go Ye Therefore Ministries

Haig Nargesian

Heidi Gillette

Hugh Evans

Ines and John Keim

Irene Pereillo

Jaclyn Cherubini

James and Alice Kocis

James and Alicia Weinstein

James and Michelle May

James Watkins

Jason and Cindy Altberger

Jerry and Jill Hultin

Jerry Rice

Jim and Rose Perry

Jim Doyle and Leah Healey

John and Diana Tully

John and Sandra Carey

John and Silvia Calderon

John Fulfree and Danielle Penabad

Josh Madden

Judy Drossman

Katharine Serra

Kathy and Bruce Prussack

Keith Rauschenbach and J.R. Cassidy

Kenneth and Susan Schept

Kevin and Amy Porter

Kurt Gardiner

Larry and Diana Henriques

Laszlo and Erin Moharita

Laura Russell

Lenore Jones

Lewis Lasser and MaryBeth Jipping

Linda Swartz and Jessica Seaton

Lynn Jehle

Mac and Jennifer Hartshorn

Magone and Company PC

Marjorie Boyden-Edmonds

Mark and Marlene Polansky

Mark Settembre

Martha Cray

Marybeth and Lori Knoth

Matt Isaac

Maureen Munroe

Meryl Longval

Michael Rusignuolo

Michael Vollero

Mike Goudreau and Samantha Moore

Mr. Larry Bijou

Noreen Harten

Norma Deruggiero

Peggy and Robin Hodgkins

Penny and Jonathan Metsch

Peter Wiley and Valerie Barth

Phil Cohen and Rebecca Kramnick

Rachael Bagley

Rev. Geoff and Linda Curtiss

Robert Hersee and Duane Horton

Roger Rose

Ronald Knight and Iris McCort

Rudy Knolker and Andrew O’Connor

Russell and Marni Kriegel

Samantha Penabad

Sarah and Steve Bond

Scott and Jennifer Ostfeld

Scott and Stephanie Rostan

Sephora Castro

Stephen Sciancalepore

Steve and Micki Nuding

Steven Dicesare

Stuart and Roberta Silverberg

Terry Pranses

The Rev. Laurie Wurm and Ms. Rosemary McLaughlin

Tim and Susan Waldron

Toni Tomarazzo

Tricia Jost

Victor Matveev

Virginia Champion

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